So today i decided to try to make money on AppNana and as soon as you register an account you get 10k nanas! wow! thats crazy, they are almost giving away millions! and another 400 just for logging in, im a thousandaire… in Nanas..

So first lets talk about how much a Nana is worth, if we are talking about real money, lets talk about paypal. You can redeem 2 dollars in paypal for 45,000 nanas. I guess that seems reasonable.. You just got 10,400 nanas afterall. But how much is 10,400 nana worth? Well if you look at the conversion rate for 1$ with that math, 22,500 nanas is worth 1 whole dollar!

The Rewards Page

Wait so they gave me 0.50$ thats pretty nice right? and every time i log in i get 400 nanas, and i can do offers also?! that sounds great, its almost free money..

But wait a second, how do i gain more nanas? I know if i log in every day i get 400 nanas(0.017 cents)! Well you can do some offers, i found 2 that didnt take too long, all i had to do was install them and have them up for 30 seconds, and i was able to earn a huge amount. Total of 1050 nanas!~(0.046 cents) But thats fine, it only took me about 5ish minutes to do that, so its a pretty good hourly wage of 0.55 cents if you were able to do this constantly of course.

Oh and also, don’t forget there are also video offers! You get to watch ads to earn nanas too! This shouldnt be too bad, so i sit through an ad for about a minute and guess what my reward was.. Just guess.. I bet you cant, because it was 5 nanas, literally 5 nanas for a minute of time, lmao. (0.00022 cents) per ad you watch, how many ads would you even need to watch to get to 1 dollar, oh i have that information for you, its 4,500. 4,500 ads, oh and 4500 minutes(75 hours) of watching ads one after another nonstop.

So then whats the way to make money on AppNana, i don’t reall know yet, but i do see a decent way you can still make money on the app, it looks like the only good way is to log on every day OR once you get to 15000 Nanas you can give people your AppNana invite code and get 2,500 nanas per invite, or if you are accepting one, you get 1,500 Nanas.

But maybe on my second day things will go differently. There were still offers on games where you could get to a certain level and get like 40,000 Nanas, but that will take days to complete, way too much time to get a few dollars, when you could be doing something else that is more worth your time.

Lots of Nanas… not lots of money

If you want here is my AppNana Code, but i don’t even know if ill make it to 15,000 Nanas to get to use it. This site is like slave labour so far. I might have to watch 800 ads (i wont).

AppNana Code: U29589617

See you tommorow ~Whyismy